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Reviews & Testimonials

What authors and critics are saying about the work I've recorded.

She captured the narrator's voice exactly as I had imagined it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


Author of Our Endless Numbered Days

Eilidh Beaton masterfully handles a variety of accents that dance in listeners' ears. Casual conversations lift off the page with Beaton's lively character voices.


Christmas At The Island Hotel by Jenny Colgan

Eilidh Beaton's work is flawless - she even nails a scene in which a Scot tries to sound like a Cockney and ends up sounding slightly Welsh.

Five Hundred Miles From You by Jenny Colgan, Little Brown

The narrator was simply brilliant. In fact, I do not think the story would have held me captive to such a degree with another narrator. She was awesome. 

The Bookshop of Second Chances by Jackie Fraser (Simon & Schuster)

There aren't enough superlatives to describe Eilidh Beaton in my opinion! Her narration truly blows me away. Nothing prepared me for the way she would give each character their own, clear individuality. Her accents are just perfect and her narration really does help you to visualise each person.


Author of Dreaming Under an Island Skye, Boldwood

The story was charming and the children came alive through the talented narration.

The Bookshop on the Shore by Jenny Colgan

I listened to the audiobook which was masterfully performed by Eilidh - there's nothing she can't do.


Five Hundred Miles From You by Jenny Colgan, Little Brown

I simply loved this book and the narrator's voice. I could picture all of their faces and emotions just through her tone and inflection.


Lipstick and Lies by Debbie Viggiano

When my publisher chose Eilidh Beaton I was blown away. At LAST a narrator who sounded authentic! Eilidh is exceptionally talented and connects perfectly with the cast of characters. I now specifically request Eilidh for my audio books.

Debbie Viggiano

Eilidh is an absolute joy to work with! She really brings my characters to life and always takes the time to get the pronunciation just right for every word, even in Old Norse!

Christina Courtnay

Author, Echos of the Runes

Eilidh is a delight to work with. She has a highly professional approach and shows great commitment to every project she gets involved in. She has a warm, engaging voice that lends itself to a number of genres, and she has the ability to change her register to suit different voice ages. Eilidh responds well to direction but she is also able to make excellent narrative depictions for herself and you can put your trust in her judgement.

The Talking Books Studios, Camden

She's a brilliant, happy, talented actor who can lift the words off the page and bring the characters to life with ease. We love working with her and the studio is a brighter place when she's here!

Chatterbox Studios

I’m so lucky to have Eilidh Beaton narrating my Eve Mallow mysteries. I love her lively, engaging delivery and the way she brings my characters to life. The moment she starts reading I forget the world around me.

Clare Chase

Author of the Eve Mallow Mystery Series

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