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She’s got a voice and she knows how to use it!

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Hi, I'm Eilidh – pronounced Hailey without the H.

I'm a fully trained actor who chose to specialise in voice so that I could make the most of being a vocal chameleon but always with truth at each character's core. Every story – be it novel, advert or corporate tale - needs authenticity, and this is a quality I can bring to the table for you.

The narrator was simply brilliant. In fact, I do not think the story would have held me captive to such a degree with another narrator. She was awesome." 

The Bookshop of Second Chances by Jackie Fraser (Simon & Schuster)

How do I sound?

My voice is best described as warm, upbeat and crystal clear RP, although I'm just as comfortable with a soft Scottish accent with a touch of the Highlands. I can play characters as young as 5 and as old as time, but my natural playing range is 25 to 45.

My studio

You can be confident that I can provide great sound in a timely manner. 


Wherever you are around the globe, you can have access to fantastic audio via my broadcast quality studio. You can link up via your preferred connection method or platform. I am also more than happy to self-direct and send you a raw or edited file.  Get in touch and we can talk through your requirements.


 Recording audiobooks, ELT, telephony, videogames and corporate work from my studio enables me to provide you with work quickly and with the quality you would expect.

I’m so lucky to have Eilidh Beaton narrating my Eve Mallow mysteries. I love her lively, engaging delivery and the way she brings my characters to life. The moment she starts reading I forget the world around me.

Clare Chase

Author of the Eve Mallow Mystery Series

Why voicework? And why audiobooks?

I love acting in all its forms but my real passion is the voice. I love taking a book and telling a story, trying to convey the essence of the author’s words and enabling people with ever more occupied lives to gobble up stories as voraciously as they like. Or to soothe people to sleep with words. Or to bring stories to visually impaired people through my narrations with the RNIB. I think most people like being read stories; it’s not something that leaves us as we grow bigger.

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