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I have narrated just shy of 200 audiobooks across a huge range of genres and with most of the leading publishers and studios.


I have more than 4,000 5 star reviews on Audible and I have made authors cry (with joy!) when they've heard their stories told. But don't take my word for it. Read reviews and testimonials about my work.

Audiobook Samples

Psychological thriller - RP and Scottish
00:00 / 04:16
YA RP and Bristol
00:00 / 02:34
Children's story
00:00 / 04:08
00:00 / 02:54

Eilidh is an absolute joy to work with! She really brings my characters to life and always takes the time to get the pronunciation just right for every word, even in Old Norse!

Christina Courtnay
Author, Echos of the Runes

Reader Eilidh Beaton's work is flawless - she even nails a scene in which a Scot tries to sound like a Cockney and ends up sounding slightly Welsh.

500 Miles From You

Audiobook Credits

​General fiction

  • Christmas At The Island Hotel by Jenny Colgan (2020 Little Brown)

  • Five Hundred Miles from You by Jenny Colgan (2020 Little Brown)

  • The Bookshop of Second Chances by Jackie Fraser (2020 Simon and Schuster)

  • We Are Family by Nicola Gill (2020 Harper Collins)

  • The House Between Tides by Sarah Maine (2019 Hodder & Stoughton)

  • The Bookshop on the Shore by Jenny Colgan (2019 Hachette)

  • A Midwinter Promise by Lulu Taylor (2019 Pan MacMillan)

  • The Forbidden Promise by Lorna Cook (2020 Harper Collins)

  • Echoes of the Runes by Christina Courtenay (2019 Review)

  • The Runes of Destiny by Christina Courtenay (2020 Review)

  • Lipstick & Lies by Debbie Viggiano (2019 Whole Story Quest)

  • A Life Without You by Shari Low (2019 Whole Story Audiobooks)

  • Unfollow Me by Charlotte Duckworth (2019 Quercus)

  • Come Back To Me by Daniela Sacerdoti (2019 Review)

  • The Shape of Us by Drew Davies (2019 Whole Story Quest)

  • Flings and Arrows by Debbie Viggiano (2019 Whole Story Quest)

  • Something Like Breathing by Angela Readman (2019 Whole Story Audiobooks)

  • Stormy Petrel by Mary Stewart (2019 Hodder & Stoughton)

  • The Language of Birds by Jill Dawson (2019 Sceptre)

  • Foxfire, Wolfskin & Other Stories of Shapeshifting by Dr Sharon Blackie (2019 Audible Studios)

  • My Endless Numbered Days by Clare Fuller (2015 Audible Studios)

  • I Will Find You by Daniela Sacerdoti (2018 Hodder and Stoughton)

  • High Society by Sarah Mason (ISIS)

  • Remember Me by Lesley Pearce (W.F Howes)


  • Don't Say a Word by Rebecca Tinnelly (2019 Hodder & Stoughton)

  • Never Go There by Rebecca Tinnelly (2018 Hodder & Stoughton)

  • Dying To Tell by Keri Beevis (2020 Dreamscape)

  • The Girl With No Name by Lisa Regan (2018 Bookouture)

  • Vanishing Girls by Lisa Regan (2017 Bookouture)

  • Her Mother's Grave by Lisa Regan (2018 Bookouture)


Cosy Mystery

  • Murder by the Minster by Helen Cox (2019 Quercus)

  • A Body in the Bookshop by Helen Cox (2019 Quercus)

  • Murder on the Moorland by HelenCox (2020 Quercus)

  • Mystery on Hidden Lane by Clare Chase (2019 Bookouture)

  • Mystery At Apple Tree Cottage by Clare Chase (2020 Bookouture)

  • Mystery at The Old Mill (2020 Bookouture)

  • Mums and Mayhem by Amanda Flowers (2020 Audible Studios)

  • Flowers and Foul Play by Amanda Flower (2018 Audible Studios)

  • Death and Daisies by Amanda Flower (2018 Audible Studios)



  • One Summer's Night by Kiley Dunbar (2019 Audible Studios)

  • His Dark Kiss by Eve Silver (2018 Audible Studios)

  • Players, Bumps and Cocktail Sausages by Natasha Preston (2016 Audible Studios)

  • The Major and the Pickpocket by Lucy Ashford (RNIB);

  • Leonetti's Housekeeper Bride by Lynne Graham (2016 RNIB)


Young Adult

  • We Are Not Ok by Natalia Gomes (2019 Harper Collins)

  • Rose Rivers by Jacqueline Wilson (2018 Bolinda)

  • In Another Time by Caroline Leech (2018 Harper Collins)

  • Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell (2015 RNIB); Charlotte Says by Alex Bell (2017 RNIB)

  • Mondays are Murder by Poppy Fields (2015) for RNIB

  • Margo and Me by Juno Dawson (2016 Bolinda)

  • The Bone Snatcher by Charlotte Salter (2017 Penguin US)



  • Lily by Holly Webb (2015) for RNIB

  • Lily and the Shining Dragons by Holly Webb (2015) for RNIB

  • Lily and the Prisoner of Magic  by Holly Webb (2015) for RNIB

  • Lily and the Traitor's Spell by Holly Webb (2015) for RNIB


Sci-Fi and Fantasy

  • Night Train by David Quantick (2020 Clipper Audio)

  • The Fairy's Tale by FD Lee (2019 Whole Story Quest)

  • The Academy by FD Lee (2019 Whole Story Quest)

  • The Princess and the Orrery by FD Lee (2019 Whole Story Quest)

  • The Cascade by FD Lee (2020 Whole Story Quest)

  • Witch in Progress by Elle Adams (2019 Whole Story Quest)

  • Witch in Danger by Elle Adams (2019 Whole Story Quest)

  • Learning the World by Ken MacLeod for RNIB


Self Help

  • Goodbye Mr X by Marina Pearson (2015 Audible)



  • The Silo Effect by Gillian Tett (2016 Rushforth Audible Studios)

When my publisher chose Eilidh Beaton I was blown away. At LAST a narrator who sounded authentic! Eilidh is exceptionally talented and connects perfectly with the cast of characters. I now specifically request Eilidh for my audio books.

Debbie Viggiano

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